It is in 2005 when Mr. Gilbert Laurin had the idea of an audacious project. Having dislodged a natural lake in mountain, he decides to create a road to make it accessible by car. After several working years his project is finally

  An ecological project, of the name of Altitude Sauvage. A wild domain of more than 300 acres. You will discover it the magnificence of the Lake on Montange, the surface of 42 501m2 ( 457 481pi2 ) and includes 1122,58m (3 683pi) of banks and an access, by a path, in the Ouareau River. Situated in 360 meters in height, the domain offers, from its belvedere, a breathtaking view.
  We find wooded one mixed there, including mature trees. Animals, among which roe deers, are an integral part of the decoration. The lake is surrounded with a waterside protective strip of 30 meters. In this space, a path makes the tour of the lake and an access with an immense dock for all the owners of Altitude Sauvage.
  A belvedere is fitted out in rest area and gets you an exceptional view on mountains, lakes and Ouareau River.
terrains-a-vendre-lac-riviere-bord-eau-quebec-15terrains-a-vendre-lac-riviere-bord-eau-quebec-12  Besides the pedestrian path around the lake, another path leads In the impressive Ouareau River which, devoid of human activity in this place, is magnificent with its waterfalls.

  Paths will be Paths will be fitted out winter as summer to practise the walking, the jogging, the bike, the racket and the cross-country skiing.terrains-a-vendre-lac-riviere-bord-eau-quebec-59
  Houses or chalets which will take root at Altitude Sauvage will be all built wooden round, part on parts, or dressed in wood outside not to damage the beauty of the surrounding nature.