Implantation of ecological project Altitude Sauvage in Chertsey in Lanaudière, Quebec.


Some condition…for good ecologic project!

• The motor boat circulation is prohibited.
• Access at the lake for all owner.
• No fertilizer on the versant basin of the lake.
• Apply protocol of Ministère du Développement Durable de l’Environnement et des Parc(M.D.D.E.P.).
• The measure for total phosphorus disolve & the transparency of the water column of the lake.
• One tertiairy traitement for used water for find phosphorus.
• Map of Implantation and Integration Architectural(M.I.I.A.).
• Cut wood its limited by 1 000m2 (10 764p2) for introduce each residence in the riverain corridor.
• No feeding Virginia deer.